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Welcome to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's Public CCH on the Internet application. This is a free service offered by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as of August 1, 2005 as required by Minnesota statute.

This website contains public data maintained by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Data on criminal convictions is public for 15 years following the completion of the sentence. Public information includes: offense, court of conviction, date of the conviction and sentence information. Information not available on this website includes: arrest data, juvenile data, criminal history data from other states, federal data, data on convictions where 15 years or more have elapsed since the completion of the sentence, and other data deemed private or confidential.

You may obtain private data on another individual through the BCA Office or by mail.

The subject of a record has the right to contest the accuracy and/or completeness of the record by visiting us in person at the St. Paul BCA Office or by calling 651-793-2400 for more information.

Public users may visit one of the BCA Office Locations to view public criminal history information for no charge.

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